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Dato: 17.04.2016
Place: Hetern, Netherland
Klasse: Baby

Very Prommisng 1, Best Baby

Judge: Elaine Cannin, UK
Well balanced black who presents a very nice outline.
Masculine head without exaggeration.
Clean eyes, good size and shape.
Good bite and pd and showed well.

Udstillings resultater:

31.07.2016 Greve, DCCK SL1 Kritik
12.06.2016 Vejen, DKK Very Promissing Kritik
10.06.2016 Vejen, DKK Very Promissing Kritik
04.06.2016 VV Kritik
28.05.2016 Ejby, DCCK, DK Very Promissing Kritik
22.05.2016 HP1, Best Puppy, BISP3 Kritik
16.05.2016 Very Promising Kritik
30.04.2016 Baunatal, DE V1, Best baby (BBISS) Kritik
17.04.2016 Hetern, Netherland Very Prommisng 1, Best Baby Kritik
14.02.2016 Fredericia, DKK SL2 Kritik
13.02.2016 Bredsten, DCCK Very Prommising 2! Kritik